Sunday, August 29, 2010

Review: Hitachi Magic Wand

 Alright. How many of you know what a Hitachi Magic Wand is? (Looks over crowd.) Seems about half of you know. OK. So, how many think its just a sex toy?  Ah-ha. You are wrong my friends! Granted, yes, you can buy them in the sex toy store (I bought mine at Fascinations). And paid a total of $71.03. You may be thinking, Oh...My...God! Thats a lot. Yes, I know. I lower my head in shame. But, I have heard a lot about it, and so I figured I would give it a try...   ((sad part is, I just went to the Hitachi website, and its only $40! Grrr))

 Well, it appears that maybe the design hasn't been updated in a long time. There are only 2 colors to choose from; mostly white with either red or blue. I chose blue. I would much rather have a pink sparkly one, but I chose blue. I mean honestly, if I am gonna pay a crazy ridiculous amount, it better have some good color choices. But, oh well. Its probably a little over a foot long (I do not have my ruler nearby, I cannot tell you).
 The box has 2 pictures of women - who I swear instantly make me think of the Olivia Newton John video for Lets Get Physical LOL.  Its very slim - I expected it to be thicker than it is, so that was a pleasant surprise. The cord is plenty long to plug into the wall next to my bed, and then reach halfway across my king size bed LOL. So its pretty long.

 The instruction booklet that comes with it, is pretty out of date. In my opinion, it should be updated to offer warnings towards sexual use -not just massing body parts such as back, legs, feet, etc.
 At first, I feel intimidated, that thing just goes! Its crazy. But I try it on my body first. I had my husband use it on my back, my legs, and it felt good. However, my back started itching. I don't think it was an allergic reaction, but it was an uncomfortable itch! I want to say maybe it was from the vibrations. I have never used a product like that before, so lets just chalk it up to that.
 Its very powerful, even on low. Its insane! I spent the first 5 min of "personal" use just laughing. I couldn't help it. It was just insane. I bought the Hitachi Magic Wand because the battery operated toys just aren't cutting it any more. Granted, yes, I can achieve my goal with the battery operated toys, it just takes forever (I could be over exaggerating, but still, to me it feels like forever). Using this took approximately half the time. Which was great for me, it meant I could get to bed earlier! Only "downfall" (and this is according to my husband) is that I needed to recover longer than usual afterwards, before we could enjoy each other. But, it felt great. I think because there was so many vibrations, it helped me feel better "with" my husband. LOL. It felt great tho.

 Last night I tried to use it on high, and I couldn't, it was just too much stimulation for me. LOL. Eventually I will be able to.

All in all, I like it. I do not plan on using it all the time - as I know it will desensitize you. I am going to try to do the best I can to not get desensitized.

I encourage you to give it a try. If not for sex, than for personal massaging.
Oh-if you do use it for sexual pleasure, they make attachments!!!!

You can go to Hitachi's website by clicking HERE for more information or to purchase directly from them.

SO, I do not know where you live, but if you live in the Phoenix, Tucson (Arizona), or Denver (Colorado), you can check out Fascinations. Nationwide you can go HERE  to buy from Fascinations (the Hitachi is currently on sale on the site).

Or, if you want to help a girl out-  go  HERE, click for the 15% off discount (around the middle of the page), and then go look at the store. Search for HITACHI.   (FYI- Fascinations site and mine are the same, I just give you an additional 15% off :D )

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