Sunday, August 22, 2010

I've been thinking....

I've been thinking lately about getting started working out. I want to loose weight that I have gained over the past 6 years. First from getting pregnant and having a c-section, and then just from not eating very well these past years. Lots of fast food, going out to eat. And just overall not paying attention to what I am eating and how healthy it is.  So, I want to make a change. Yes, I am a big girl, I love my curves, just would like to get rid of the belly, and maybe some of my thighs lol.  I would like to be able to buy a smaller size clothing.  I would also like to not have to go to Lane Bryant to buy bras - while I love Lane Bryant (when they have really food sales), they are expensive. I cannot afford to pay $30+ for one bra anymore...

So, I want to make a change. I want to loose weight. I want to be healthier. I want to get down a few sizes. I want to set a good example for my son. And maybe if I start eating healthier, and start loosing some pounds, I'm hoping it will help me get pregnant. I wanna make the change that needs to be made...

Now, how do I do that on a budget? How do I get a proper support system in place? Yes, I have my husband who - by the way, is not pushing me to do anything I don't want to do, but is supporting me in every decision I make. I also have my mom and probably some other family members. But what else is there? I would love to maybe meet once a week with some other moms (or plus size women like myself)  for a walk in a park, or maybe a few walks around the track field here at the high school by my house. But where do I find these women?

How, when I am struggling to pay bills right now, can I afford to pay for a gym or a place like Curves? How can I buy healthy foods when its sooo expensive, and cheaper to buy the stuff thats bad for you? How can the grocery and food industries tell you that eating "green" and eating local or organic is better for you, yet the price is absolutely ridiculous!   How can I make healthy dinners when my 6yr old doesn't wanna eat it? How can I make a healthy dinner when I work 8hrs a day and am tired and hurting by the end of the work day? How can I decide to walk, when I am currently having problems with my feet and (per doctors orders) should rest them after work?

I know it all sounds like excuses, but thats what I am faced with.
Any thoughts, suggestions? Anyone in my area wanna share the task, be "buddies" LOL. Support each other? Is there a network out there for people to support each other?

Comment! Let me know! Lets discuss.

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  1. I agree totally about the healthier foods being so much more expensive!! What about growing a small garden? Nothing fancy. Start out small and as you get better add to it. Then start really planning out meals. Google "inexpensive healthy meals" and see if you can find a few that y'all would all eat. Your daughter is young, she will adjust. If she is hungry enough she will eat. If she refuses to eat it, well then point her to the PB&J... she has to learn.

    Personally in my family if you dont eat what I make you are on your own. If my 4 year old doesnt eat what I make she eats a bowl of cereal. I have been raising kids for 20 years and have learned it wont kill them. But catering to their every whim will kill you eventually. lol

    Have you ever made red beans and rice? Very cheap on a per serving basis and very good for you! It is really good too. You can make it as spicy or mild as you like. I honestly think the last time we ate fast food was probably almost 2 years ago. I know my 2 older kids have probably had it here and there with friends, but we dont eat it. Its very expensive in the long run and extremely unhealthy. That is the first thing I would cut out. We also dont drink soft drinks. Ever. I have never in my life bought soft drinks for my family and guess what, my kids dont drink it. Sure they may have one here or there at a party, but a few sips and then it sits there. They prefer water, and sometimes lemonade or tea.

    You can do this. It will not be easy. Dont do it all at once. Take small steps and gradually change your lifestyle.

  2. This is such a common idea on many parenting blogs. Maybe you can start your own internet support group along with a local group. I want to lose weight also. I have lost 10 pounds the last few months. I'm really working on the inner voice. Anytime it pops up about my weight I shut it down. Post positive messages to yourself around your house. (This is great for your children to see also) Work on positive thoughts, healthy food, taking care of yourself, and trying to do some sort of exercise a day. Wether it's lifting some heavy cans in the pantry to strengthen your arms, do some stretches, take the kids on a walk. Something. Blog about your progress it'll keep you focused. Maybe start a weight loss group on mom blogs or twittermoms. The main thing is to be nice to yourself, pat yourself on the back and move forward! New follower because I want to read your blog.

  3. I feel like fast food is such a tricky bag. Hamburgers/fries cheaper than subway and quiznos salads.. lol.. so i generally try to eat small sizes of everything and throw in a salad with lots of water and it works for me. I learned early on that proportions can really get you... Beans and rice are great and healty and really in-expensive.... and my family really likes them now.. following you from mom bloggers club. stop by and visit me at healthy living and balanced you


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