Friday, August 6, 2010

Do u believe in God?

Thats a hard question for me to answer.... I am conflicted. I believe there has to be a higher power, otherwise, this is all kind of pointless. But again, am conflicted. I believe in science. I hate saying "I need to see it to believe it", but its true at times... There is proof of the big bang theory, there is proof of dinosaurs. However, there really isn't any proof of anything that happened in the Bible. So, how can I believe in something/someone, when there is no proof of their existing? In my opinion, the Bible is a series of stories, and it is not mean to be taken word for word, but for you to take and get the meaning from. After all, the Bible cannot possibly be correct, being hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years old, and literally just stories passed down from generation to generation, and eventually the stories get twisted, and not 100% accurate. The stories are not meant to be taken Literally, but are meant for you to read, and get the general idea, and to interpret into your life and make the right decisions and choices. I do not discriminate or try to disprove or judge others and their beliefs because everyone believes in something different. We should feel free to choose to believe what we want to believe in, and not fear judgement from others. I would never push any religion or belief onto anyone, and in return I hope others respect my choices and do not push their religions or beliefs upon me. So far, it has been worth it. I tell people what I feel, and they understand... You should never fear being persecuted because of what you believe in.

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