Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Affiliates, Gpt

I have a few that I do (or at least am signed up for)... So for now, here is what I have, with my opinion about each one too...
User Beware -- always take caution when signing up for new sites. Remember that, for any site you ever come across.

**Mr Rebates**   

Highly Recommended

With Mr. Rebates, you get cash back when you shop online. You also receive coupons that are only for members of the site. Its great. I highly recommend this.

Mr. Rebates
Mr. Rebates

**Procard International** 

Not for everyone.

From what I understand on this one, you get discounts on medical services. If you are uninsured, this may be for you. Or if you  have insurance coverage, and its a little pricey, then just check this out -- it may be something to help you with the costs of medical expenses.

If you are looking for a business, you can start this for free -just requires a sign up from yourself, or from someone else. Otherwise you can pay to start and receive all starting materials.  Either way, I suggest you check it out.. 

Note -- I have not made money on this, but I have NOT taken the time needed in order to make it work for me. If you have the time, and you feel you can do this, go for it. Leave a comment with your success story if you have one!

Tired of Work At Home Scams?

**EZ Laptop** 
Not for everyone / Low rating. Take Precaution.

This site is pretty simple. You sign up and read emails that are sent to the inbox on the site for credits. The credits are towards a new laptop... 

Pro - simple, easy, and not hard to do.
Con - doesn't state right away, that when you withdraw the credits, you will not receive a laptop, but get an entry to a drawing for a laptop. 
If you are a gambler, or think lady luck is on your side, by all means, go for it. 

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