Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Instant Cash Sweepstakes...

The widget is on the side bar to the left...
You log in every day, answer a couple questions, and earn tickets that enters  you into the daily $50 drawing.. you also earn coins that you can transfer into more tickets. Obviously the more tickets you have, the better your chances are. Also, anyone you refer, when they win tickets/cash you do too. Pretty easy, right?

I do not have more to say, because its that easy.  check the widget on the side.. answer the 3 questions, click give me my prize, and it will take you to sign up!!!!

Any Qs - leave as comment


  1. Interesting. How much is the cost of each referral? This is such a great opportunity to earn instant money.

    -Cash Advance Florida

  2. And shame on me - I guess I removed the widget!!! Im putting it back up.

    Whenever one of your referrals wins, you win that same amount. Pretty cool in my opinion : ) Ive had fun with it. Im not on there as often as I would like to be - I don't have many referrals :( but I plan on doing more here soon - posting about it again since its been a while since my last one.

    Find the widget and sign up :)


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