Monday, June 28, 2010

ChaCha for money :D

I work online. Do you? I make some quick easy money from home.. Can you? YES you can! Heres some info for you.

There is this cool little text service called ChaCha. Have you heard of it? Well, I am sure you heard of the KGB text service - all the commercials... ChaCha is better - wanna know why? KGB charges you $.99 per question you ask! ChaCha however, is completely free! Yupp, free.

Your job is simple. Receive the question that comes in. Answer the question. Simple.
There are a few different jobs/roles available. The site will explain them all for you.
I used to be a Guide - they work a little harder, get a little more pay.
I am now an Expediter - my work is easy-peasy, and i get paid less than a guide LOL. But my job is so quick, that it makes up for it.

I want you to go to and fill out the info. When it asks who referred you or how you heard about it, say a friend. then in the next box, enter

 You never have a schedule with ChaCha, you can work when you want. They will, however, ask you when you plan on working.. Tip - overnights are much busier. When school starts - after school times are busy too - they ask for homework help lol.

Pay is as follows:
Voice Transcribers get 3cents per question they transcribe. It may not seem like much, but all they do is get a voice message, and they have to type it, and send it off for an answer.
Expeditor's get 2cents per question. I know, this also seems like little, but all we do is select the best answer if there is one listed, and if not, we make the question clear (add punctuation, etc) and send it off for research.
Guides get anywhere from 10-20cents per question. There work is harder by a little bit. Sometimes that it can be tedious. They search for the answers that we don't already have. Their job takes more time, and therefore is payed more.

Now, I get questions all the time, how much can you earn, what are the average, etc.... I cant answer those questions! Its not like all of us share how much we make with each other! And, all of us work different amount of hours. Some only work a few hours, some work all day if they can.  How much you make is really dependent upon you. In all honesty. And also of course depends on how busy it is. But lately, its been really really busy.

Also know this. People try to game the system - they wont read the question, and will just select one of the selections listed - which most of the time, the answer has nothing to do with the question asked. Understand that if you do this to make an extra quick buck, they will find out. They will terminate your contract, and you will no longer be allowed to work. So understand, there is no way to game the system and get away with it. Be honest. Make honest money.

There are 2 ways currently that you can get paid. You can get a card from the bank they use (first internet bank of Indiana - Indiana is the state they are located in), and when you make however much you want to make, click PAY ME NOW and instantly get paid on the card (minus $2 for the convenience).  Or you can have direct deposit, once a month, and only after you reach $100 - You see how that can be difficult? I like the convienence of the card, because if i need to make a few bucks for a bill, i can. or if i want to save the money and cash out when I have a larger amount, I can.
The card -if im not mistaken- can have other direct deposits on it. its basically a checking account- minus the savings, and the checks, and you cannot go overdrawn.  So, similar to prepaid actually, but with an actual bank. Its pretty cool.

Anyways, if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email to and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.
But, you can start right away, go to the site listed above, put in my email as the referrer and start the training (really easy) and ta-da. Start working. :-D

Oh, you will be considered an Independent contractor, and if you make over 600 in a year, you will get a i9 form for taxes.   :-D

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