Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Revew of CoverGirl Blast (new eye makeup, and lipgloss)

Let me start by saying, I love Covergirl. I love their products. About 98% of the cosmetics I own are Covergirl. I was absolutely thrilled when I got picked for this campaign.  However, I was not so thrilled putting the makeup on. 

The eye makeup is like a cream. And it was delivered to Arizona - there should have been some kind of padding, or some kind of protection to keep it from melting or softening. When I opened the box, I instantly was excited. I was going to finally have smokey eyes - made easy. Nope, I was wrong. The instructions were clear and easy to follow.  However, the makeup as I stated was like a cream texture. I was hoping it was the kind that would change to shadow when applied. Wrong again. So, I got over it, and applied. The base color - which for me was white - was easy enough. I looked a little bit like a clown, but i figure that it would look better with the accent color - black. So I applied the black, as directed - along the lashline, and then in the crease. First off - that was difficult because as soon as i started putting the black on, the white got on it... Ugh - frustrated,. but i kept going. And when I was done I looked in the mirror... Oh my gosh. I looked absolutely retarded (please excuse that). I looked Horrible. Like a mix between a clown, and a raccoon. It was horrible. Ugly, and just, wrong. I wiped it all off, and put the white back on - just not all the way to my brow bone, and then put the black just on my lash line. It looked a little better... So, I decided to keep it. After about 2 hours of wearing it, I looked in the mirror... Still looked good at first glance, but when I lifted my head up to see the crease and see the whole eye - I was horrified.  The colors blended and got in the crease. Like, it was no longer on my lid - the makeup around the crease was all in the crease... Thats ridiculous. I wiped it off, and just left the black on my lashline, and thats all I have still right now. As I just received this kit today. And have been wearing the makeup for a total of about 4hrs now.    I am not happy at all with this makeup.  I expect MUCH better from CG. 

Now for the lip gloss. I love all things pink, and all things sparkly - and this has both!  I noticed the brush was different. It was not your typical applicator. So I put it on, I noticed that the booklet that comes with says that its a put on and go kind of applicator... Umm, not so much. In order to get my lips entirely, I had to put into the bottle at least 3 times, and thats just to make sure that all my lips are glossed. And I noticed another thing - the brush seemed to soak up the gloss! Definitely not gloss and go. I have LipSlicks and the lip gloss w/ Crest in it from CG and that is much better, and I feel lasts longer. I reapplied this gloss often through out my day, and that is an inconvenience.  Again, I just expect much more from CG. I do like the lipgloss, but I do not see myself wearing it for occasions where I would not be able to reapply often. For that I will stick with other options from CG. 

All in all, i like the colors, but I do not like the fact that it sticks in the crease, its always creamy, does not turn powdery. I do not like the fact that when I received it it was softening b/c of the hot Arizona heat.  And I do not like having to reapply lipgloss often. 

I will try these products again in a few days.
As of right now, I give 2 Stars.

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