Monday, April 12, 2010

Few ways to make money...

OK, I have just signed up for something, and its already making me money!!!!

First - Shadow Shopper is a secret shopper service. I know your thinking its a scam like all the others. But this one really isn't! I paid the almost $5 for a month membership and have already been approved for several shops! One that I am interviewing for on Thursday is to demo products @ Frys Food Stores / Frys Marketplace.  That one pays $60 each day. So for only a few hours talking to people, I have no problem with that! The second one I am already approved and have everything I need to do it. Its for an apartment shop in the area. To basically secret shop the apartment and see how they are - I have a score sheet they need to pass - how friendly, how much info, and what not - first on the phone when i make the appt to see the apartment, and then theres more questions I gotta answer once I go and see how they are in person. I am sure the apartment management hired this company to check them out to make sure they are always doing their job. I love it! I get $25 to go view apartments at 2 different locations nearby. They will cut me a check on the 16th of April as long as I get it in on the 15th before 5pm.  I will post a pic of the check to show the proof is in the pudding!

Just an FYI - Shadow Shopper is not the hiring company, they just give you the access to find the companies that are legit. There are not only secret shopper jobs, but also demonstration jobs, and even merchandising opportunities.
So, word to the wise, secret shopper sites are not all scams. You just gotta find the right ones!

The second thing I just started doing is selling adult products and doing home adult parties! Think Tupperware parties - with adult toys! Fun right? I think so! Feel free to check my site and you can even get a 15% discount if you enter your name and email into the center of the page. It will send the code to you via email and then give you the site to go to..  Or you can just click on SHOP right there on the page.
If you want to learn more on how to make money doing this, you can go to and click become a representative, or you can just send me an email to

Look forward to making money with you! If you need a way to make money, one of these 2 is definitely it!

Jennifer Tyree

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