Monday, April 12, 2010

Fascinations / fun love $200 shopping spree!

This is not for the light at heart! If your afraid of adult content, run! run now!

Alrighty! So Fascinations/Fun Love is having a contest right now, $200 shopping spree to someone at random!
They need me to post my wants publicly.. Here they are!

1. Dont stop Massage oil 2.1oz $12.00

2. Double action arouser $24.99

3. head twister pink $20.99

4. penetration station $74.99
5. beginners bondage fant. kit $21.99
6. Lovers prisoner kit $24.99

7. position handles $19.99
Total $199.94

I would love to win this because me and my husband didnt get to celebrate our 2 year anniversary this past march, and I would really love to surprise him with all this... This is all stuff that we want to get, but really cant afford right now. So it would be really great to win this!
Thanks so much...

If you want to win this, read the rules and what you gotta do here

You can also go to

Thanks again!


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for entering! We'll cross our fingers for you :)


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