Sunday, April 4, 2010

Am I a Democrat? or Republican?

Ok, Ive always thought myself to be a democrat. Liberal and what not. I am pro-life (with the exception of rape, the mothers life is at risk, or incest). You dont get an abortion just because you decided not to be safe when you had sex. I love the gays, and want them all to be able to get married, its a person marrying a person, dont try to sit there and say that "whats next, marrying animals?" because it doesnt compare.

But lately, with the healthcare reform signed by Office... Im wondering if I am a republican. I dont think it should pass the way it is... I think they need to rethink what they just did. Most every American does not want this. I think it should only pass if EVERYONE can benefit from it.... but it seems that not everyone is...  With this, i am turning republican I think... A liberal republican - if thats possible...

More at a later time.. I need time to reflect.

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