Sunday, January 3, 2010

A new year, a new start.

First off, Happy New Year to all! its 2010! Can you believe it? Its been a decade since Y2K and everyone freaking out about the Millennium.

First I want to say that 2009 has had its ups and downs for me. Alot of downs. But Im holding my head up high for 2010. Its a new decade. I hope that this year is great for me. For my family. We are finally in a good place, and I hope we can stay in that state of mind as well.

So, 2010. Aint we supposed to be flying in cars now? Aint we supposed to be living like the Jetsons? Arent we supposed to be like living with all this high tech stuff now? I don't see anything crazy... besides the cell phones, and the laptops, and the ipods, and the beautiful 27in monitor from the new Apple iMac, the cool new mouse that Apple has thats all touch! iPod touches, and iPhones, and oh my! Thats the only space age type stuff we using regarding technology. So, maybe in the next decade we can come up with the flying cars that everyone can have, and we can be living in space like the people in Wall-E (minus the overweight and tiny bones lol).

I do have to say, that my son has grown so much. Hes 5 now, will be 6 in July 2010.
We got some of his old toys that he no longer needs and were gonna donate them. I told him were gonna give his old toys to some little boys who dont have any toys. I told him that 3 days ago when we did it.
Today he comes up to me just now and said "Mommy, I wanna take my toys to little boys with no toys." How cute!!! Im proud of him for letting us give some of his old toys away. Christmas was just last week, and he got a bunch of new toys, and again, I am so proud of him acting all grown up!


Heres to everyones 2010. Hopefully you make yourself a goal - not a resolution - but a goal for this new year. Whether it be to find a good job, or to save some money, or whether it be to eat healthier, or be nicer to people this year, maybe even sticking to your word. I hope you make your goal, and stick with it thru the year. I am gonna try to make a goal for myself, and try to keep it.

Happy 2010 to everyone.

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