Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve.

I just wanted to stop by and tell everyone that Christmas is officially upon us. Time to spend with family, and eat lots of goodies!!! Time for kids to wake up and see all the presents from Santa. The night parents stay up a little bit later to make sure the kids are really sleeping before leaving presents out. I think this year, Santa and Mrs. Clause would want some wine and cheese instead of cookies and milk.

Its another time of year to be extra Thankful. Remembering that Christmas is not all about material things. Spending time with those who care for you and those who love you is what is most important.  Even though for some that may be hard to see, this is what its about.

So go and spend time with your family, friends and loved ones. Take time away from Facebook, Twitter and yes, even your blog and spend time with your loved ones. Facebook, Twitter and your blog will still be there tomorrow when all the holiday chaos is over.

I plan on posting a few pictures from Christmas either late Christmas night, or the day after.

And for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, and Happy any other Holiday not mentioned.  Hope all is good for you and yours.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Goals for the new year

Every year I tend to try to have a resolution... Well, not this year. I don't want to make a resolution. I want to make a goal. A goal, I feel, is more attainable, more realistic than a resolution. A resolution feels too concrete, and over the course of a year, those sights could be lost. Things change. Plans change. Lives change.

For the 2011 year, my goals are:

Blog goals:

  1. Give my blog a bigger presence. I would like to have a bigger audience. Maybe even host some giveaways. Maybe host my own giveaway. In any case, I want to reach out to more people.
  2. Allow advertisements on my blog. I have not let anyone post an advertisement on my blog. I have however, placed my own affiliate links/ads up on my blog. I would like to expand my options. I have heard from other bloggers out there that this is a great way to generate revenue on the blog. So I would like to explore this option to see if it gets me anywhere. To expand on that one, we come to my next goal.
  3. To see where my blog can take me financially. I hear about other bloggers who are able to earn enough money to not have to have another job. I would like to see how true that is. As of right now, as I am typing this blog, I have 42 followers on Google Friend Connect. And a little more than that subscribed to my feed. I want to see that number go higher. I have a goal, somehow, someway, I plan on getting at least 500 more this year. We will check back in next year to see if it really happened.  
Now, onto my personal goals.

  1. To continue with school and keep passing all my tests! I am so excited that I am doing so well so far in school. So far I have passed every test. I plan on continuing that and to keep pushing forward.
  2. Since my schooling is online – I want to complete 2 semesters this year. If I complete more that would be great! 
I am really hoping that 2011 will bring not only me and my family a great year, but everyone. It's time that everyone gets back on track.

I also want to make note, that if you would like to lessen the burden on yourself, and feel like you need help – please feel free to contact me. I am in school for my A.O.S. in Accounting. While yes, I am only in Intro to Business, I also am good with numbers. If you would like for me to help you keep track of your expenses, please feel free to contact me, and let's work something out. I help you, you help me. I help you keep track of your money coming in, as well as what you have to pay, when you have to pay it, and in return I get some experience and hopefully a reference.

All in all, I look forward to a good new year, and new possibilities – in all aspects of my life.

Ok – off to watch Christmas movies with my little guy. 


Thursday, December 16, 2010

My blog is in transition!

I have just bought my domain name of and as it is being switched over, some things may look weird on my blog. I want to apologize in advance, and ask that you bear with me for the next 3 or so days.

Thank you !

A great way to donate to your favorite causes!

There is this really great site called GiveBack. Its really easy to sign up, and they give you $5 to start for your favorite charity/organization. It can be local, or global. This site is great because you can make a donation using your credit card and you will receive a tax deduction.  You can also shop at one (or more) of their 400+ retailers and earn charitable dollars for your charity/organization.

Its free to make the account, and super easy! I made the account in under 3 minutes. I type really fast, so that may not be that fast for everyone, but pretty close actually. They do not ask for your credit card or any information like that.

Another great thing about GiveBack is that it helps you keep track of all the donations you make throughout the year, so all you have to do at tax time is print out what you gave and to who. They create that for you!

For my GiveBack account, I chose the Arizona Zoological Society, and Steve Nash's Campaign for Educare Arizona. I chose the Arizona Zoological Society because it is a great zoo. I know that some people here in the Phoenix area do not like the zoo because sometimes they cannot see some animals. That is because the Phoenix Zoo is a Conservatory first and foremost. And the animals natural environment is first and more important. Which is great in my opinion. The animals should come first. And I chose Educare Arizona because my son is a child in the Arizona school system and it would be great to support the schools and the teachers in my community.

So, go sign up! Ive posted the link here enough, here it is again! GiveBack

Comment and let me know if you signed up and what charity/organization you chose!

I wrote this post as a member of One2One network. This post is part of a member project where I am eligible to win prizing. My thoughts of this company are my own.

Aspirations and plans for new possibilities in my life!

I have big plans for my future. I know that the best way to provide a better life for my family is by going to school. So, after years of trying to make up my mind, I have decided. I am going to school for Accounting. I am getting my Associates degree and plan on Graduating by the end of 2012. Its an online school, which allows me to be home with my son while my husband works. I have been out of high school for 6 1/2 years now. And have struggled with the idea of going to a traditional college - where I would actually go to classes. I found it would be easier for me, if I could do it all from home. So I did my research and decided to go with Ashworth College. They are an online high school and college, and have lots to offer. I can even go for my Bachelors in Accounting if I would like to. The monthly tuition is affordable - with this economy, I need to make sure that whatever I am doing that its affordable for us. And $52 a month works for us.

My son is 6 years old (and just lost his first tooth!), and he sees that mommy is doing homework too, and the first time that I told him, he got a really big smile like Wow! Mommy does homework too! I feel proud. I know that with this degree I can make a good living, and my plan is to eventually own my own business.

When I do open my own business, I plan on being able to go to my clients, so that way they won't always have to come to my office. I think that would really help a lot of people - businesses and individuals alike. In high school, I was good with numbers, I understood math, and usually flew through it. It just makes sense for me to do this.

After I graduate, I will either go back for my Associates in Business, or maybe my Bachelors in Accounting. My goal is to show my son that you can do anything you want to, if you work hard enough and you keep your eye on that prize.

I find that I get distracted a lot from school work. Either by the computer, my blog, or my phone and even the TV, but I am scheduling specific times that I need to be doing school. If something is on that I want to watch, I can record it on the DVR. And the internet and my blog will be there when I come back. So that is helping me a lot.

I look forward to my future. I can see it becoming a family business. My sister is also going to school for accounting.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Americas Most Amazingly Energized Woman

 I nominate my mom for this title! Here is what I wrote. 
"By keeping a positive attitude and outlook on life. Even though times may be hard, she knows that she has family and friends that is there for her. She has degenerative disk disease in her lower back, and has already had 2 surgeries on it. She still keeps a fast pace at her job - which is a customer service supervisor at Wal-Mart. Her job does not just let her sit down and be still. She has to constantly move, walk, and sometimes run. As well as deal with stressful situations. She is an inspiration to her co-workers, as well as her daughters. Her motto is not to act your age, but to act how you feel. Which is what lets her work harder - she feels younger than she really is. She is truly Americas Most Amazingly Energized Woman."

The makers of Centrum multivitamins and Molly Shannon are in search of Americas Most Amazingly Energized Woman. Visit LoveFeelingHealthy.Com to nominate yourself or someone special in your life. Tell them your (or their) secret to maintaining a healthy energy level so that you (or they) can enjoy the great things that the holiday season brings: friends, family, time, giving gifts, hosting parties and so much more!

Nominations are being accepted only until January 3, 2011 (12pm EST). Contest is open to US residents only.
Five finalists will be selected and then from January 17-31, 2011, the public can cast their votes for who should win "Americas Most Amazingly Energized Woman"!

The Grand prize winner will receive: $3,000 XPERIENCE DAYS gift certificate. 
Four (4) runners up will win $400 XPERIENCE DAYS gift certificates.

XPERIENCE DAYS offers thousands of unique gift experiences nationwide.

After submitting your entry, you can download and print a $3 off coupon for Centrum mens or womens vitamins. 

Good luck to all who enter! 
I am a member of One2One Network and this post is part of a member project where I am eligible to win prizing. I make no claims about Centrum as a product of it's effectiveness. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

So I have some news...

For those of you who are not friends of my facebook, I have been an accident. I am OK other than a cracked bone in my elbow, I hit my knees on the dashboard, and my forehead on the air bag. The car was totaled. And I was the only one in the car. There is a picture on my facebook of the car. In the picture however it doesn't look like the car. It was a stratus but after the accident, that's not what you see.

I am using voice recognition software on my computer so that way I can and still update my facebook and update my blog. I can't really use my left hand so the speech recognition software is definitely helpful. I was thinking of buying the software called dragon, but then I remembered that computers often have speech recognition already on it, so I decided to look at it and see what it was and then I'd realize that it was the same thing as a software that people buy. So, I will use this for now but I will be making their many updates until I am healed and can use my hand again.

So if you would like to stay up to date on my progress, feel free to go to my facebook page by clicking on the widget to the right. Make sure you go to my personal page.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

Jennifer Tyree.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Box of chocolates

I give boxes of chocolates to the people who I cannot seem to find a present for on the holidays. Chocolates makes everyone feel good. most recently I have given them to my in laws, and probably will again! They are hard (in my opinion) to shop for!  Chocolate seems to make you happy when your not, picks you up when you need it. Its an all around favorite comfort food.

Its the perfect gift, for moms, teachers, husbands, wives, even your kids! Everyone loves chocolates, and no one can resist them!

As you know, Hershey's has the best chocolate, and they have the best gift ideas for Christmas! You can check them out by going HERE!

With the holidays coming theres going to be lots of shopping, organizing, and running around like a chicken with their head cut off! Its going to be hectic already, so make it a little easier on yourself! Put Hershey's in their stockings! Christmas is the biggest chocolate gifting season!

So, tell me what your going to do for those who you find it hard to shop for?

I am entering a contest for Hershey's Pot of Gold prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong of me to not want to embrace others peoples joy right now? Is it wrong of me to not want to congratulate people when something good happens? I feel like life has dealt me such a shitty hand right now, that its hard for me to see everyone post about how happy they are or how thankful they are... Yea yea yea, I get it, its that time of the year. But still!?

Its a hard time for us financially right now, and it just sucks. I need to move, and cannot do so because have no money saved for a deposit or anything anywhere. I know that no one will let us move in with no deposit, and no first months payment.  So I'm stuck until probably tax time unless some kind of miracle happens...

I guess by then I would be alright and be able to finally be happy for others. But right now, I feel like a scrooge and a Grinch, and honestly I don't care.

Eventually I will get over it.

But don't be surprised if you dont see any grateful / thankful posts for a while. Maybe I will turn around before Christmas.... But, I am not saying for sure.

Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving was yesterday, and I hope everyone had a great time with their family and friends. If your like me, you have lots of family and had more than one dinner! I had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner at my sisters house on Wednesday, then I had Thanksgiving dinner around 3pm at my aunts house (who was also at my sisters the day before), and then after that went to my in-laws.  My mom was at my sisters and my aunts. My sister had to work daytime on Thanksgiving so thats why she had it early. Then on Thanksgiving evening, she went to her soon to be in-laws. Thanksgiving night I also went to my in-laws with my husband, who unfortunately, had to work through both dinners I had gone to LOL. He was Finally able to eat at  his parents - although, I brought him a plate from my aunts house.

At my in-laws I saw a friend of the family who I haven't seen since Christmas - got her number and plan to keep in touch were the same age just about, and its nice talking to her. Played some games including my favorite - Mexican Train Domino's.  I love that game. I have no idea how to play regular domino's, but Mexican Train - easiest game ever lol. I lost. Thats nothing new tho!

Anyways,  I posted about recently starting school. I just finished my first lesson and scored a 95% on the test. I only missed one question. LOL It sounded like a question of opinion - not a fact lol. Oh well, I learned for next time. So far, I am starting off on the right foot!

Did anyone go Black Friday shopping? I would love to hear what you got! I know there was some great deals, and I wanted to go shopping, but bills came up, and just didn't have the money to. I plan on shopping next year! Maybe if I can find a good deal I will shop on Cyber Monday :D But its gotta be a really good deal!

Now, I have a question for all of you.
What do you do to earn some money during the holidays? I know we are all different, and all have different things we do in our non-blogging time, so share if you can.  I would love to know!

Ok. I am off to study. I want to get through the next lesson within the next few days. I am so excited!

If you aren't already - friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Favorite Road Trip :D

My favorite road trip was when my husband and I drove to Vegas in March of 2008. We were going to Vegas because we were getting married. We planed it all out, had family and friends going, and my husband even has family out there - so that was nice to meet folks I didn't know yet. I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and a drive to Vegas is about 5 hours. So we had a long drive ahead of us. I was expecting a whole lot of desert and nothing fun, but turns out there is lots to see - well, after you get out of the Valley that is. There was areas that were hilly and covered in cacti. There were small little towns that I never knew exsisted. Some kinda cute, some kinda scary in how small they were.

I found out that gas is majorly expensive in these small towns - mainly because they realize they are just about the only gas station for a few hours. I wish I knew that ahead of time, I would have saved more money out specifically for gas LOL.  After that gas station, there was openness, and as we were (slowly) getting higher in elevation, the air got cooler, and it felt soo good! I am originally from Ohio - so it felt nice. Reminded me of home. We eventually got to Kingman, Arizona - which is the last major city in Arizona before you start to head out towards the Hoover Dam. Its about 30 miles away from the Dam. It looks nice there. Mountains, and its not as big as Phoenix. Probably gets cooler in the winter time. Would be nice to move there - however far away from my family in Phoenix.

When we were getting closer to the Dam, we saw a road that was blocked off that went off in a different direction. We found out later that was the bridge that just recently got finished that bypasses the traffic on the Dam. I saw how high that was, and let me tell you - I would NEVER go on that bridge. Way too high for my taste! I have a slight fear of heights, and I could not ever go on that bridge. You would have to go at it while I am sleeping in order for me to be OK. LOL.

We had to stop at a checkpoint before the bridge, to get a check of the car - I guess security? They were stopping some people and actually searching their car. When we got up to the window, he asked for ID and I showed it and he let us go. Woo hoo!  So we are climbing up and up and up the hills. And were getting closer and closer to the Dam, then we get stopped in some traffic! Yay! Were at the Dam!!!! We decided to drive across the Dam, and then stop in the parking garage on the other side and walk on the Dam. It was awesome - my only thoughts were OMG, they filmed Transformers RIGHT HERE!!! LOL I know- I am a major dork!
It was cool at the Dam. It was amazing, awesome and just breathtaking. If you have not been there, you definitely need to go!


After the Dam, we kept on trucking. Not too much longer now until the hotel! Yay! Probably about 30-45 min. So excited at that point. We got back on the road, drove past a park for Lake Mead - we decided to go back and view it. The park and the lake was so pretty also! I have never been on any kind of a road trip before, so I was soaking it in :D  We got back on the road (again) and started driving. Before we know it, I see the Pyramid!! I screamed - babe! Its the Luxor!!! Then we see all the other buildings, and wow, its pretty. It was daytime when we traveled. We couldn't wait till night time to see how pretty it all is.

We get to the Hotel - and wow. Never had anyone come out and get my luggage for me, and give me first class service! It was great. We stayed at the Plaza Hotel. Its one mile away from the strip - right there at Fremont Street. Night time came, and OMG! Love the lights, the glitz!

Of course, we had a great time in Vegas. We lived like rockstars for a week. We got married, had a great reception with family. Then the rest of the week was drinks, gambling, so much fun. Saw some shows. Went to some great buffets! Went out to eat with some family to the "local" casinos. So much fun.

Stage where local performance acts would perform for Free!
For us - Fremont Street was the best. Seeing the original hotels/casinos from the "original" strip. I loved it. It was so much fun.

The original cowboy! How cool!!!!!

 If you have never heard of the Fremont Street Experience - you definitely want to look it up! It is an Amazing light show.. Crazy cool!

Then the road trip back. I hated leaving. I wanted to stay forever! But, I know that all good things must come to an end. Back to the real world. Back to work and responsibilities. Fun lol.

It was a great trip. And when we go back to Vegas, we plan on driving again. Not only is it cheaper, but its fun. And you don't have to worry about walking through a body scanner or getting a pat down LOL.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review of Noah Jones upcoming album "...Featuring"

I received an advance copy of the new Norah Jones that is on its way to be released. Most famously known for her song "Come Away With Me", Jones is releasing (on 11/16/2010) a new album called "...Featuring". Its a compilation album, from 2001 to 2010 of all the duets, cameos and collabs. These songs span the musical spectrum like none I have seen before. I had no idea she did songs with artists such as Outkast, Talib Kweli, Ray Charles and even the Foo Fighters. I had no clue!  

She is indeed the most diverse artist that I have come across!

...Featuring is a star-studded collection of Norah Jones' collaborations spanning her entire career.  The result serves as a kind of parallel history to her four albums, which have sold over 40 million copies worldwide.  

"A lot of the people on this record are people I've worshiped since I was a kid, and some of them are younger and more my contemporaries," says Norah. "Even though the musicians are so varied, the vibe of the songs makes sense when we put them all together."

I loved her song Come Away With Me. But had no idea that she crossed so many genres.  This album is so soothing to the ears. Its another(!) that I wouldn't ordinarily buy on my own. I am priviledged to have been able to review this album. Thank you One2One Network! I really appreciate this, and every other opportunity you give me!

OK, so now for the songs. I am really going to do a run thru of every song on the album!  Some of the songs are her personal projects/bands.

1. Love Me - The Willies. Gives me an old feeling. Like....  I can imagine her sitting on top of a piano singing this number. Its very smooth. Very oldies sounding. And very relaxing. One way to start the album. Definetly caught my attention. In a good way.

2. Virginia Moon - Foo Fighters feat. Norah Jones.  When I first heard this, I was in my car driving, and had no idea who was singing with her. The male vocal is so soft. When I got to a stop sign and looked, it said Foo Fighters. I said OMG! I could not believe the vocal was his. However, now that I am listening to it now, I can see him singing this. Its so soft, and not what I am used to from Foo Fighters.  But I love it. I wish I would have heard this song before now. I could really use this as a lullaby for a child to go to sleep to. Its a really soothing song. I love it. One of my Favorites.

3. Turn Them -  Sean Bones feat. Norah Jones.  The first sound I hear I swear is a harmonica. If not, then I wanna know what it is. It sounds cool LOL. This song is another soothing song. Could easily fall asleep to. I love the acoustic guitar in the begining. And then get s a bit faster. Pretty good. No complaints from me :D

4. Baby its cold outside - Willie Nelson feat. Norah Jones.  Yupp, its that song! "I really cant stay (baby its cold outside). Ive got to go away (but baby its cold outside)..." Yupp. Its that one. I love it. It has an antique feel to it.  Its really good. 

5. Bull Rider - Norah Jones and Sasha Dobson. Has a country western feel. I don't know who Sasha Dobson is, but I am sure that she is a country singer. Its interesting. I think my dad would like it more. I am not too into country. So its not my fav. But is good.

6. Ruler of my Heart - Dirty Dozen Brass Band feat. Norah Jones. Another with an antique or oldie feel. Its really good tho. I have nothing to complain or nothing to dislike about it. Love how it feels. I can envision her standing in a smokey club, guys drinking their gin or whiskey, and her with an old style microphone on a small stage, band behind her. Really good song.

7. The Best Part - El Madmo.  Interesting sound. Different. But if you have read any of my previous posts, you know I like different. I love love love love love this song. Cannot say it enough. Love the sound, the feel. Everything. Amazing. Def one of my Favs. 

8. Take off your cool - Outkast feat. Norah Jones. This is an interesting combo right here. But you know what - it works! And it works really well. I love the sound these 2 make together. One of my Favs.

9. Life is Better - Q-Tip feat. Norah Jones. When I first saw his name - I instantly thought his old song Vivrant Thang and thought, Q-Tip and Norah!? But its a good combo. Has a good beat. Wonderful Vocals. I really like it. 

10. Soon the New Day - Talib Kweli feat. Norah Jones. I love it! Def one of my Favs from the track. I love the beat. Her vocals on the song are great. I am a fan of hip hop, and this song has my heart :D

11. Little Lou, Prophet Jack, Ugly John - Belle and Sebastion feat. Norah Jones.  Its an interesting song. Older feel to it. Definetly not what I would normally listen to. But its smooth, and I like that.

12. Here We Go Again - Ray Charles feat Norah Jones. I like the feel to this. Makes me happy. My husband loves Ray Charles and loves this song now too. I simply have nothing more to say about this song. It makes me happy. Maybe the beat does more, but it makes me happy. 

13. Loretta - Norah Jones feat. Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.  This is a live song from 2004. Its definelty interesting. Its definetly a country song. Another my dad would like more than me. But the vocals are very pretty!

14. Dear John - Ryan Adams feat. Norah Jones.  I like the piano in this song. Its another song that gives me more of an oldies feel. Very soft, could easily help me sleep if I am having troubles. Its very relaxing. Actually, the whole CD is relaxing!

15.  Creepin in - Norah Jones feat. Dolly Parton. OMG! I love it. Even tho its Country. Its really good. I cannot wait to let me dad hear this song. He will love it. He has been to Dollyworld, and is a big fan of her music.  Its a fun song. I like it. 

16. Court & Spark - Herbie Hancock feat. Norah Jones. Another oldies - smokey room, guys drinking whiskey, and her with a microphone. I love the feeling it gives me :D

17. More than This - Charlie Hunter feat. Norah Jones.  I like the beat. I know - I am all about the music and the beat of a song. To me, thats the most of what makes a good song. I love her voice in this song. The entire song is very smooth. I love it. Def One of my Favs. 

18. Blue Bayou - Norah Jones Feat. M. Ward. Southern Feeling. Interesting song tho. Is a calming song. Not alot of instruments. Guitar I hear easily. Not sure what else is in there. Maybe another guitar? I like how simple the song sounds. 

I really love this calming album. I plan to listen to it whenever I need to calm down or relax. Or whenever I just want to feel good. Its a feel good album. No depressing songs really. Doesnt take you for an emotional rollar coaster ride like some songs do. 

I recommend this album to everyone. 

Pick up a copy and listen! You will love it!  Click here to pre-order the album 
And check out Norah Jones official site

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Great BlissDom Conference Package Giveaway

One2One Network is kicking off a great contest/giveaway! I am so thrilled!  This huge Bliss filled contest is probably the biggest I have seen so far (I haven't been a member for more than a couple of months, so there could have been bigger before).   One2One is going to be giving away conference passes to three, yes! I said three (3), lucky One2One bloggers for Blissdom'11 in Nashville, TN Jan 27-28! There are three levels of prizes, and all include a full conference pass valued at $399!!!! Oh, em, gee!!! Can you believe it?!

I have yet to go to a conference, and in all honesty, just found out there was conferences for bloggers (women bloggers specifically) in the past few months! I know, I learn late apparently. I would love the chance to go and learn more about the business, learn more about how to make it a business, and connect with other bloggers that I can learn from! This is an opportunity of a lifetime for me. And so, I am entering this contest. I am not working, so really cannot afford to go on my own. So to win this would be incredible for me!

If you do not know ( like I did not know until I read about it ), BlissDom is the premiere conference for women who find and express their bliss by publishing online. Speakers and panels feature the best blogging, public relations and social media pros gathering to mentor new and old friends alike. ---- I could benefit so much from this! As a relatively new blogger, I would love to learn from these pros! I could learn so much, expand and broaden my horizons! It would be the best win ever!

This is Blissdoms most exciting year, more incredible content, events, networking and surprises scheduled than ever before! This sounds like so much fun! This years mantra, in my opinion is amazing, is Think Big. Be Bold. Create Your Bliss. BlissDom'11 is designed for everyone - newbie or maven!

Ok. So for the package giveaway details:
GRAND PRIZE - Full conference pass (includes Wisdom Workshops), 3 nights at the Opryland Hotel, AND Airfare/travel to the conference (up to $500)!!! $1500 Value!!! Omg! Omg! Omg!

First Prize - Full conference pass-includes Wisdom Workshops, 2 nights at the Opryland Hotel.. $800 Value. Still  OMG!

Second Prize - Full Conf Pass includes Wisdom Workshops. $500Value. Still amazing!

Check out the details, and what is necessary to win by going HERE

I am really excited about this -- I hope I win :D
Good Luck to All who enter!

Monday, October 25, 2010

REVIEW - Printable United States Trivia Pack.

I received a few printables from Python Printables. They have all 50 states, and they sent me up to 5. So far, I have printed out Arizona -it's where I live now, Ohio - it's my home state, and Hawaii - it's my dream state. 

Let me tell you a little about the trivia pack. Its a printable United States Trivia pack and is a GREAT deal for the money. You get all 50 states, each with 15 questions (so 750 questions total). It covers just about everything. State nicknames, trees, flowers, history, funny facts, bizzare laws, local customs and much more! They are delivered via encrypted download. Once you pay for it, you receive an email link to the download page for your purchase.
Now, how much are you expecting to pay for all 50 states - 750 questions? Your thinking probably something ridiculous, huh? Well, let me burst that bubble. Its pretty cheap actually. Only $19.95 for all 50 of the trivia games.

Now, onto the review!  Lets start with the Arizona page. Like stated, there is 15 questions on the page. Some of the questions are;
#4. What can happen if you refuse somebody a glass of water?
#5. How do they combat the graffiti problem in Tempe, AZ?
#6. Who was the town marshal of Tombstone during the shootout at the OK Corral?
#10. How hot was it in Phoenix on the hottest recorded day - June 26, 1990?
#12. What can you use to defend yourself against an intruder in Arizona?
#14. What is unusual about Daylight Savings Time in Arizona?

Did you try to answer any of these?
OK, heres the answers! They are located on the 2nd page for that state...
#4. You can be arrested; it's unlawful to refuse a person a glass of water in the state.
#5. it is illegal to buy spray paint if you are under 18 years old.  ~~~ But I think thats more than just Tempe, I know Mesa does that too.
#6. Not Wyatt Earp, but his brother Virgil.
#10. 122 degrees F... Yup, Hot!
#12. Only the same kind of weapon the intruder possesses.
#14. It is not observed there, except within the Navajo Nation.    ~~~~ Its true! But makes everything difficult lol.

 Some of these I already knew. Actually, most of them. I do wish these were a little more difficult, rather than something that has been passed around on the internet via email multiple times (those stupid law emails gets sent around a lot). But some of the questions did teach me something.. Would be great for kids who are learning about the states. 

Now, for Ohio - My home state. I was born and raised here... So In essence, I should know most of it lol.
#1. Which General, famous for his defeat at the Battle of Little Bighorn, was born in New Rumley, OH?
#4. Name the state tree of Ohio?
#8. What is the state bird of Ohio?
#9. What is the state motto of Ohio?
#14. Name the colorful kids’ card game invented by Merle Robbins of Reading, OH, and still sold today by Mattel?

Did you try to answer those too? 
heres the answers!
#1. George Armstrong Custer
#4. The Buckeye, so called because its toxic seeds resemble the eyes of a male deer.
#8. The Cardinal. Various Cardinal breeds are the state birds of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. 
#9. "With God all things are possible".    ~~ That actually kind of explains why its on everything out there! LOL
#14. UNO. There are now dozens of versions, including editions licensed to The Simpsons and Star Trek. 

Pretty cool. I had no idea that Uno was created in Ohio! Ahh, my Home.

Now, onto Hawaii. Lets all learn something.

#3. How many islands are included in Hawaii?
#4. How many states joined the union before Hawaii?
#5. What time zone is Hawaii in?
#7. How many letters are in the Hawaiian alphabet?
#10. Hawaii is the world’s most isolated population center. Which is its nearest neighbor: California, Japan, or Samoa?
#13. What is Mauna Kea?

Time for Answers!!! 
#3. Eight
#4. All of them. Hawaii is #50.
#5. Hawaii has its own time zone - Hawaiian Standard Time, 11 hours behind GMT.
#7. twelve.
#10. California. But its still over 2300 miles away! 
#13. The tallest mountain in the world from base to peak - most of it is under water.

In my opinion, its pretty cool. And would love to see all the states! I think I may have to buy them all! And again, $19.95 for all 50 states. That is not bad at all. 

Check out their free printables by going HERE.

5/5 stars from me!

Product review & giveaway disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: KT Tunstall Tiger Suit

The name KT Tunstall may not ring a bell with you, does it? What if I told you she is the same one who sung the Grammy nominated Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.  Yea, I bet you remember that song!

Well, KT Tunstall has a new Album out now called Tiger Suit, and I was lucky enough to get to listen and review the album. Originally, I was going to write my thoughts about each song... But as I am going through it, I find myself using the same words for all of them..... Amazing!

This is a new musical adventure for KT. Organic instrumentation is blended with dance-friendly textures, the result of which she has dubbed "Nature Techno" to capture the albums collision of raw, upfront rootsiness and sleek electronic textures.   And I tend to agree.

The songs on the album are not the typical songs in my playlist... Some have a good Pop feel, others have a Pop/Rock-ish feel. Great beats, and awesome vocals. I must admit, I have never really listened to much of KT Tunstalls music before, but I think that will change. I like her raspy vocals. You get the feeling that she means what she is singing. You get that raw feeling in the voice that you do not get with some artists like Britney Spears,  and Lady Gaga ( I love both dearly! ). I love the raw feeling, raspy sounding, and like I said, you feel like she means what shes singing about. She feels it deep within.

I really am fond of the first song on the album - Uummannaq Song. Its different. Gives a native feel (at least to me it does). I love the vocals in it- especially the "Oh oh oh oh.. Yea yea yea yea" It sounds native, strong, and can feel the feelings. The beat is something that I just can't get enough of.. And let me say, I am the kind of person that falls into a song just because of the beat. Oh, em, Gee! It has a rock feel as well to it. And I just get wrapped up taken on a musical journey.

Push That Knot Away has a drum that just pulls me in... And in the breakdown that guitar is... Whew! I got chills!!!!! Thats awesome... That guitar comes around the 2:10 mark... Then add the drums in at the 2:38 mark. I find myself in Bliss. Complete and utter Bliss. Yes, I capitalized Bliss. And then around the 3:05 add in some more music and its just insane.. You can get lost for an eternity!

 Let me explain music for a minute. I have ADHD, and music helps me stay focused. Throughout my school years, I needed to play the radio in the background so that way I would focus. That radio was not a distraction for me.... And when I listen to music, if I close my eyes I see colors, I see fireworks, I see swirls of beautiful colors that represent the beats and instruments...  Kind of like the Visualizer on iTunes or Windows Media Player... And the better the song is - the more amazing that the colors and patters and swirls are....

I don't want to go on and on, it will start to look like rambling!

This album is exhilarating and takes you on a musical journey. Like I stated before, this is not something that I would get if I saw it on display at Wal-Mart, so I am really glad that I was given the opportunity to receive this, review it and essentially discovering something that I had not known existed.

This album is one you should definetly get! If you are like me, and do not go outside of your comfort zone regularly, this is one you will want.
I give this a 10 out of 10 on my list, and will be in heavy rotation on my playlist.

Good job KT Tunstall! You made an amazing album that is absolutely thrilling to me, and is ear candy for me.

The albums first single "Fade Like A Shadow" is available at digital retailers now, and is already at Top 20 hit at radio. Check the video here on YOUTUBE.

The album came out October 5 - Its available NOW!!! Go get it!
(If you buy on iTunes, you get some bonuses!!!! )
Catch a preview HERE
Find her on Facebook HERE
Find her on Twitter HERE

In honor of those who battle.......

I am showing that I am a fighter.... Breast Cancer runs in the family on one side, and also we need to be checking our boobies! They are our girls, our sisters, our team! We need to take care and do checks regularly... So, heres a pic of a tattoo that I just got.

We gotta fight girls! This is on my left wrist. It hurt! But, I didn't cry :-D Yay me!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My blog now has a Facebook Page.

 And I would absolutely love it if all of you were to to LIKE me! You can do this by just clicking the LIKE button on the widget to the right! :D

Thanks all!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


This year, I am not 100 % sure how we are going to celebrate Halloween, I think we may do a two city run this year. LOL Trick or treat in a neighboring city, and pass out candy in our area.  My son is 6, and has not had the chance to carve a pumpkin yet, so I think we may do that this year too. He plans on being Bumblebee from Transformers. He loves that movie so much! It comes with a mask, but we may try to use face paint to re-create it on him. He would love that even more.
When we pass out candy, its a no brainer to use Hersheys candy! Its our favorite, and when I was younger and would trick or treat, I would love to get Hersheys in my bag. So, I would do no less to the current generation of trick or treaters! :D

Heres some of the Candy that we love and will be giving out:

You can check out some Hersheys Halloween selections, and get some cool ideas by going here

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

*-* Disclosure - I am entering a contest for a Hersheys prize pack as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club. *-*

Monday, October 11, 2010

Free chips and queso..

I know this has been floating around for a while.. But if you sign up for Chilis email club, you will get a coupon for free chips and queso...

I signed up - you should too :D

That is all for now ---but I have updates tomorrow!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Question for all you fellow bloggers....

Who do you use for your blog? I use blogger - but I know there is also wordpress....
Please tell me who you use, and the pros and cons of using them.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Made a button....

I made a button!
 I would love for you to take it and place it on your page! Its on the right hand side of the screen.

I know, its not the best in clarity - but its what I did. I made it, and I am proud.  And thats how it will remain until I befriend a tech savvy person who can do these for me (for no cost preferably!) ... SO until then, I make them as I can lol.

Thanks !

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life is Sweet.

I realized life was sweet when I had my son. I realized it again when I got married. They are the 2 best guys in my life. Forever and for always. I can remember looking at my son after I had him (and after he was clean). He was the most beautiful child I have ever seen. And I know that everyone says that about their child - but my son really is beautiful, adorable, gorgeous, and even aDORKable. He is such a dork, and hes proud of it. Its been the best 6 years of mommy hood --- ups and downs and all. It got us to where we are today. 

When I got married, it was like FINALLY! Yes! No more procrastinating, we are really doing it. We are really going through with this.

Do you have a moment where you realized life is sweet? If so, you should share it on the Milano Moment Facebook page. 
When you share a Milano Moment, you help the fight against breast cancer because for every Moment shared, Pepperidge Farm will donate $.50 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. 

* By supporting each other and sharing our strength, we can work together to find the cure.  You can help right now by sharing your Milano Moment.

Share your moment and help support the cause by going here to the Facebook Milano page.

SO come on. Share your moment with us, and donate at the same time. 

Dont forget - do those at home breast exams! Early detection is key!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ok Ok ok... So I lied....

I made a goal to post at least once a day on here... But obviously, I failed! Geez, I really need to get myself together! I am going to try to grow up ((rolls eyes)). I am 24 years old, and honestly, I do not know how to handle money. I don't know why - maybe its because when I was younger we weren't rich, we didn't have all the money in the world. Most of the time we just got what we needed. So, now as an adult, when I have money, I just want to spend it. So, since we are having a new beginning for us - my husband is going to let me get responsible. And I have to learn how to be a grown up.

Sooo - I am going to learn how to budget. I am going to learn how to grow up. I am going to learn how to be an adult!  Wish me luck :D

That is all for now :D   ;)
Does this face look like it knows how to grow up???   lol - again, wish me luck :D

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pink Profile Picture

I have edited my profile picture to be pink in honor of Breast Cancer. If you want to make your Facebook picture pink, just click on my Facebook badge (on the right) and look for my post about it. Pretty cool.

Remember - Self check! Be aware! Women, fear is not the answer!

Till next time :D

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Created new page.

Hello everyone! Hows your day going so far? Mine is OK. I have a lot going on this weekend. Then everything should slow down for me and allow me to post more and more and more LOL.

I created a new page called "Offers" and in it is a bunch of offers/coupons and great deals for you, my readers.  I would love it if everyone can check them out and whatever interests you go ahead and take advantage of it! A lot is free, and a lot is discount. Check it out....

If you have a business or a product you would like for me to put on the "Offers" page, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Forgotten" Book Review.

I have received a book called Forgotten, by Melody Carlson. I received it as part of the NavPress blogger review program they have in place.  Out of all the books to review, this one caught my eye. Its not my typical book (vampire, sci-fi), but it appeared to have a good story attached.  So I wanted to check it out.

So the book is about this girl Adele. Who's mom up and disappears when things get bad, and leaves Adele. She is living in her condo that her moms job paid for. As she is going on with her life ( she is a high school student ), she hopes that her mom is going to come back, or that she will call, or pay rent for her. Nope, none of the above happens. So Adele is evicted, and starts living out of the van that the moms boyfriend left there. Adele has always worked to help her mom pay bills, especially when things got bad, and so now was no different. She found a job, and started trying to save up enough money to get a place, and at the same time trying to finish school, she just wants to survive. Well, her friends at her new school (did I mention just the past summer Adele and her mom moved there because the mom got the awesome job that paid for the condo?) are in the popular crowd, and eventually find out her little secret. She befriends the other homeless girl in the school, and that turns out to be rotten-as Adele gives her a place to sleep (in her van), and the girl steals her money for drugs and alcohol.

Do you really think I'm going to tell you how good (or bad) it all ends? I don't think so!

I was skeptical at first to read this, because I am like great, a sappy story, I will probably end up crying through.  And actually, I only cried a little once.

Its a great book, the book is written in the first person, and sounds like something that has actually happened to someone. Its a sad, heartwarming, touching and inspiring story. I thought at first it would be overly religious, however, it is not. The story says a lot to me. Regardless of your faith, religion or beliefs, we all believe in some form of a higher power. We all pray (or silently talk to) that higher power.

To me, this book says that anything is possible. That you can come from the roughest times, and make it through the storm and turn into a rainbow - a beautiful multitude of colors, shining brightly. As this is a tough time right now for a lot of people, and everyone is going through some rough patches. Whether its a patch of unemployment, or even homelessness, it teaches us that we need to help each other out. Look out for one another.

I think everyone should read it. Everyone should give this wonderful book a chance. I applaud the author at her great work. And I plan on trying to find some more of her books and reading them.

On my list, this book is a Go! (vs a No Go). It is most definitely something I encourage all to read. Everyone of all faiths, and walks of life.

Unfortunately, I did not receive a copy to give away (boooo!), but rejoice! You as a blogger can go to NavPress and see if the book is still up as a book that can be reviewed on their blogger program. If not, there is others available.

Thank you NavPress, for letting me enjoy a wonderful book, and giving me the opportunity to review it!

Claiming my blog with Technorati

Woo woo!
Yay me!

Will post review of book later today :D

Inserting my claim code of: 8NXE8C6692KS  

Monday, September 27, 2010

My banner....

My aunt made that! Shes really good with graphics. I like how.. girlie it is lol...  Thats one side of me. And I embrace it lol.

She can make you one too. Send me an email to and Ill send your info to her... Her prices are not bad, and quite affordable...

Hit me up for details :D

Oh - expect some more posts soon. I have been offline for a few days (ok, more like ten days). But I am back now, and ready to blog!

Talk soon...


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crystal Deodorant Review

I am going to review Crystal Deodorant. You probably haven't heard of them. I didn't hear of the company either. But am glad that I now know about the company, and am super excited for this product. It was sent in a cute little baggie (that I am not throwing away, but plan on keeping for future use). 

First, some info about the product.
Crystal wants you to respect the body. Rather than mask your odor with chemicals, they want you to use something more natural, more healthy for your body. Crystal is the original mineral salt deodorant brand, and was established in 1984.  It has simple ingredients, with a simple promise: All day natural odor prevention. Mineral salts create an invisible barrier that make it impossible for odor causing bacteria to grow (rather than mask it like other name brand lines). 

My personal experience with the product.
I was skeptical at first, because one of the things that caught my eye about the product is that one deodorant stick can last up to a full year of daily use! ( I am still testing that, and in about a year from now will let you know!) It also states that you do Not need to reapply it throughout the day. That a single application under each arm lasts the entire day, and can even endure the toughest and longest workouts.... Well, I find that it actually does last and work all day long. I currently am working a remodel at Wal-Mart, and we work hard, and I sweat hard some days, and it really does last! I check myself at the end of the day (yes, I stick my nose in my armpit lol), and I can still smell the light scent that I started with earlier that day! No stink! And let me tell you, my Dove deodorant does not last that long!

I also love the fact that it does not leave a residue on your clothes at all. It also does not stain your clothes. Finally! An end to stained shirts!

Overall -- I give this product a 10!!! Its a really great product, and has some great scents. 
Heres some more info for you:
Rated safest in the Skin Deep database / Environmental Working (
Compact Signer of the Campaign for Safer Cosmetics.
And is Never tested on our animal friends (member of Leaping Bunny).

Body 'Conscious'

• Crystal® deodorants are clinically tested and hypoallergenic

• Cruelty free and environmentally safe

• Contain NO aluminum chlorohydrate, NO aluminum zirconium, NO parabens NO phthalates, and NO dyes
• #1 in consumer safety by Environmental Working Group

• Endorsed by numerous US Cancer Treatment Centers

Product line info:
The deodorants are available in 28,000 stores worldwide (including Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid).
Both unscented (Crystal Body Deodorant®) and lightly scented (Crystal® essence)
Crystal® Body Deodorant is available in 4.5 ounce Stick, 2.25 Oz. Roll-On and 4 Oz Body Spray
Crystal® essence (Pomegranate, Lavender & White Tea and Chamomile & Green Tea) is available in 2.25 Oz Roll-On and 4 Oz Body Spray
*My personal Favorite is the Lavender & White Tea.

Crystal website:
Crystal product shot:
Crystal Stick at CVS:
Crystal Roll-On at CVS:
Crystal Pomegranate Roll-On at CVS:

As of 9/20 - I have been updated that the deals for CVS were not correct...
Here is current info:
Crystal Deodorant
  • Rite Aid and Walgreens
  • $1 off the Stick
  • $.50 off the Roll-Ons and Sprays
  • From 9/26 – 10/23  
  • No coupons - in store deal


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