Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well, today is my psych eval (fun!). Today I guess I find out if Im crazy....  So, I will definitely update you on that..

So anyways... Im a bit irked right now.... 
First, Tiff comes in at 1 and tried to wake me up.. After a while she walks out - cuz when someone doesnt wanna wake up you dont usually keep trying lol.. But the door closed a little harder than what she normally does when she comes to wake me up... I felt as if there was an attitude behind it.. but, idk..  But then chris wakes me up around 130/2pm. And when I come out, Tiff says go back to bed....   (((confused face))) Okay then. 

Then, since shes gonna get Eric from school, and take Chris to work (Eric gets out at 240p, chris has to be at work at 4 - but is going early cuz I have my appt at 430p... So hes going in around 330p) I figured that it would be easy to kill time by going to the library. Which is what they usually do. She was sitting here in a pullover hoodie and pajama pants and socks.  Which we have gone out in before. All she needed was shoes.... But No. Of course not. She had to put on a tight pair of pants, and a tight ass shirt... Why do people feel the need to get dressed up when taking my son and husband somewhere... 

Oh but wait.. LOL.. I guess I bring it on myself... Oh well right? whatever.
I had a dream... Tiff was talking to someone - I dont know who. but she was talking to someone saying that "Jens so jealous, but she brings it on herself. She does it to herself." In the dream, she was like mocking me. Laughing about it. Smiling about it. 

But how can someone bring something on themselves when she sees someone getting all doll'd up to take my husband to work. Why they gotta get all doll'd up to take my son to school or take him home.......   SO that dream really hits home for me... but if i say anything im wrong.. Cuz honestly, I think that is what people think... I think that people think I bring it on myself.. But whatever. 

I am just a little irked today.  and I dont know why... I think its that dream that did it for my day....

But I hope they tell me today that I am just crazy.. HA HA!

Oh, on a lighter note.... 
I got hired for Apple. So my only day off now is gonna be sundays. Work mon-fri at apple. Work saturday nights at the cab ( and rest on sunday. 
Chris is most likely gonna be transferring temporarily to Chandler Heights store (5miles south of his current store) just so he can finish training. And then hopefully he will be hired for Department Manager at his store.  So he will probably be switching to mornings, funny thing is, im gonna be working evenings! LOL fun!  
Everything is gonna be hectic till Feb. Thats when my apple job ends (unless they offer me employment in which case I will be working from home for them).  Thats when things will calm down... 

Ok. I think I am done... I gotta get ready for my appt... Yay. lol

Till next time. 

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