Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back pain.. So much fun!!!

Ok, first off. How is everyone today? Do you plan on watching Flash Forward, Greys Anatomy, and Private Practice like I am!? If not, you should. They are all really good...

So anyways. Today, I went and got a shot for my back. I told the doc that it hasn't been helping. So he asked me to show where the pain was, and where it was going. So I showed him. And he decided to give me the shot in a different place. He did it lower. So, basically the top of my ass crack LOL. I told them to knock me out. and they got me close to it. But it was hell. It hurt - and still hurts - so bad. He wanted to get a different set of nerves. Since I wasn't asleep fully, I felt some pain, and cried like a baby.. it was bad!! OMG.. but, I'm dealing with it now, and putting ice on it, and taking it easy... I decided not to go to group therapy today b/c of the pain.  

I feel like someone punched my tailbone.. Who knew your bone could hurt....

OH, on another note. Do any of you remember that old Disney show (circa 1998-2001) called The Famous Jett Jackson.  Remember the guy who played Jett Jackson? Well, I just saw him all grown and sexy on Flash Forward. I cannot believe it. I am so thrilled. I thought he just dropped off the planet of the Earth! So, just wanted to share for all of you who remember that show...

Im gonna get off here, and I am gonna finish watching my show :D Flash, then Greys, then Private... LOL Flash Greys Private HAHAHA.... I think the drugs are still in me lol.


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