Sunday, September 20, 2009

tired... annoyed... starting to hate football......

Football season is here, and I'm left out.... Again... Seems that everyone else is sooo interested in football, that come Sunday, I'm in the background.. yay me...  

I love how there have been several conversations today.... Only like one with me. And that was while me and him were out getting a new dvd player (b/c ours broke.)... 

Hes off today, so that means he should be spending it with me... But, nope. Football wins.. Yay. (sarcastic)

I feel like me working a week straight is not gonna be a good thing... I will not be able to see MY son, will not be able to see MY husband, will not be able to watch MY tv shows (wait, I don't do that now anyways..).....

I think the majority of today I have been in my room.. Everyone is more interested in football. So I feel outta place being out there.. Why be out there? Why watch it if its not a team that you care about? Like, if its your home team, or your fav team, go for it... Why watch it for any other reason? I don't get it... Its not like anyone cares to explain anything to me *cough*hint*cough*husband*cough*

Just tired. Feeling left out.. and just F*CK!NG ANNOYED..... And wanted to get this off my chest...
I could probably overdose right now... And no one would notice till later probably.. almost sure of it...

Sorry, I know most of you reading this don't really care.. So my apologies to you..

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  1. Aw I know exactly how you feel. Football = terrible unless you love it. Don't overdose though. Just write more on your lovely blog whilst they waste their efforts on the TV.

  2. Thank you for that comment... It is just what I needed to hear :D


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