Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am watching the new show, Eastwick on ABC. Its really really good!

It starts off just like the movie. It is really really good! I cannot believe I am liking it so much.

The red head - is amazing. I love her power. "... You have no electricity!" And he gets struck by lightning! It was really cool... Earlier in the show she said, "Does the Earth have to move for you to get out of that hammock?" And there was a mini earthquake... 

Rebecca's character is amazing too. She is so witty, and quick. Her power is great too. Premonition I believe is the correct term. She has a dream, and it comes true.

And the little Asian girl - god, I cannot remember her name - both character or actress. But she is so perfect for this role.  I love how she lets loose.  And I completely want her power.

I think that this is the perfect cast for this show.  They work really well with each other.  And I cannot wait to see the rest of this show.  I think that the original fans of the Witches of Eastwick movie will absolutely love this show. Its beautiful, and perfect. 

Wednesdays on ABC at 9pm. Watch it! Its well worth it.

Tomorrows review - Greys Anatomy season premiere. I can only imagine that it will be amazing. Past seasons has been great, I can only imagine that tomorrow will be BIG!!!! 

Till  next time.

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