Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Found a neat little site today...
The writer is a health food critic. Which honestly, thats the first I heard of a health food critic! I think its a good idea. Especially for those of us who want to try to start eating healthy. Its always nice to have someone try it out before you!

Theres an article on the first page about coffee being linked to alztheimers. I find that interesting. Where did he hear that? I have never! I need to read that. So I did.

After reading a little bit about the article, it appears that coffee actually helps improve the brain function.. SO I guess I need to drink more coffee... Whodathunkit? Coffee is good for you!

It seems as if this blogger writes about everything health related.. Which is awesome. There are warnings, and little tidbits about things that are good for you. This blogger really does their research to find out the truth.

Theres even a post about Natural dental care. I do plan to read that. Dental care is always a number one for me.

I think tho, that my favorite article so far that I have seen is the Rainbow Diet article. No its not a new fad... its the oldest, simplest rule in the book. Eat like the colors of the rainbow... If your plate has all plain drab colors - its probably not very healthy. But if there are bright vibrant colors mixed in, then its probably full of all the good stuff your body needs! I agree! I always say that. Eating beige foods are boring. Sprice it up. Add some color to that plate!!!

If you wanna check it out, click here --> Health Blog

Till next time folks!

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