Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Walgreens Take Care clinic.

I just wanted to say, they are amazing.

My aunt doesnt have insurance, and she was sick, she went there and they were very helpful, very fast, and easy. No crazy waiting room to deal with... Just, awesome... They perscribed the medications she needed, and it was at a low cost too..

I just want to let everyone know that they dont have to wait in an urgent care waiting office, or the ER waiting room (if its not an emergency..). If your not sure what to do, you should go to the take care clinic, they can advise you wether its ER worthy, or if not, they can help you right there.

Something you should go check out.
They are very qualified.. And very helpful...
Glad that something like this came along..

Heres a link to check out some info...

Friday, May 1, 2009


For those of us who know how to work Twitter. its hard to understand that once, we were lost and confused, and its hard to explain how to tell someone how it works... Imma try my best... Sometimes, the simplest things just dont make sense! Thats true of Geniuses, and those with high IQs. So - if you dont get Twitter, maybe your just genius!

1. Direct Message - aka Private Message (PM). This is where you send a message directly to someone, without it showing on your updates page.

2. @ replies. This is how you reply to someone in particular. you can do 1 of 2 things.
Either type their name manually - such as @jennifertyree ..
Or you can put your mouse in the message of someone you want to reply to, and click the little arrow ... it will automatically insert the @ and the persons name at the top, you just type! (make sure to insert a space between the name and the start of your message!)
Go here to see a pic of what I mean by arrow - http://twitpic.com/4dq22

3. You will see the updates of your messages, on your home page. As well as everyone that you follow. You follow them to see their updates. And in order for someone to see your @ replies to them, they need to be following you. I know, its complicated, but it works! lol

4. Above where your direct messages are, you see @YOURNAME, (for me, it shows @jennifertyree), click that, and it shows all your friends replies to you... Simply put, anyone wrote @jennifertyree in any of their messages, when i click that button, i will see all those replies to me. :D

5. updates from phone/.... I honestly do not know how to do it!!! BUT, go to www.twittermail.com and give it your twitter info, and it will give you a email address. Put that email address in your phone address book, and whenever you want to update on the go, just send a text message to that email address, and it will update!!! Thats how I do it. Its just easier!

6. Twit Pic. this is where all the pics go lol. You can upload pics for people to see, but it will go here, under your name. You sign in with the same twitter acct info. Whenever you send a pic to your twitter, it will give a short link for all your followers to follow.

Twitter is fun. And really easy! just play with it. You will get it..
Any questions, feel free to leave a comment here! Or send me an email ( jentyree08@gmail.com ) or send me a DM on twitter - jennifertyree

Thanks. :D


one more addition!! !
Anytime you see a # infront of a word ( #dollhouse #wolverine #H1M1 #swineflu etc...).. That #KEYWORD is there to help you search for topics... So people only post them when necessary.. You dont really have to worry about them tho...
But just wanted to throw that in..


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