Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tired of telemarketers harrasing you???

Well I know I am! There is this great site, called CallHunter (link will be below). It is basically a directory of reported telemarketers, surveyors, scammers, and those of the such that have harassed customers.

What you do, is go to the site, put in the phone number of the telemarketer that has called. On that page, you will be able to see who all has reported this number.

For example - I used a number that has called me recently. 347-324-0340. On the page, it shows the following:
Where the call is coming from / who it is (if available).
Then will list complaints / reports from customers. Go to the site and try it out for yourself.

On the home page, they have a few articles for you to read and learn info from. Like how debt collectors get your information - I know that I dont give them current info, but yet they always have it! Crazy! There is also information on Robocallers - for example, if the message is intended to be left on a voicemail - not for live person, they will hang up. Sometimes, the agent just isnt ready. So yelling through the phone really isnt necessary! As well as info from the FTC that telemarketers and bill collectors must call within times that are deemed convienent (example 8a-5p). There are lots of interesting facts in their articles.
I think everyone should have this website bookmarked so that when you recieve a call and you dont know who its from, you will be able to go back and see who it is, and leave a comment if you feel necessary.

Good luck to all!
Website - Click here!

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