Sunday, April 19, 2009

Makeup tips!

Some tips to help all us women out!

Was watching Tyra Banks show, and found some things that I didnt know!

Liquid foundation - only is good for 3-6mos. after that, throw it out!

Powders (face, eyeshadow, etc) - good for 1 year! Yay!

Mascara - only good for 3 mos. Also - dont "pump" your mascara - it puts air bubbles in it, and that causes bacteria to form (can we say pink eye - at the very least!). Its best to kind of swish it around in the tube, then put it on!

Lipgloss and lipstick - Good for one year!

Lip liner and eyeliner - good for one year!

Cleansers and moisturizers - good for 6 mos. Then throw it out. It has stuff in it that naturally goes bad - just like food does! Gross.

Now you may be asking how would you keep track of how long you had your makeup for?? Well, buy those little colored stickers (think garage sale stickers lol) and place it on the bottom (or around if its like a eyeliner) . on the sticker, it should have the month / year that it should be thrown out. That will help keep you germ free! And your makeup wont get you sick!

Take care of your makeup girls (and some guys!)


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