Thursday, April 2, 2009

Love Arizona weather!

I have to admit, being from Northern Ohio, moving to Arizona didnt appeal to me. The heat everyone always talks about. Ugh! I visited Arizona once, and I just couldnt take it! It was sooo hot! The sun was so bright! I am not used to a sun that bright. Let me tell you - I did not want to leave the house. I did not want to do anything. I was happy to go back home.

A year later however, I moved to Arizona. At the time, it was partly for me, partly to get away from the snow!!! It takes some time to get used to the hot summer heat. If you plan on moving here, please do not move here in August / September. Those are the hottest months of the year! And, you cannot beat 80 degree days in March!!! No, I am not lying! It is amazing.

Imagine its March, and you are driving in your car, windows down, top down if you have a convertable, radio up, jamming to your favorite song in the world (or at least your favorite song for the moment). And when you come home, the windows are open, the breeze is just blowing through. Its unbelievable! I absolutly love it. I have been here in Arizona now since September 2004. And you get used to the heat... sorta. You still dread those 120 degree summer days. You still just want to stay inside and go no where - thats why I love Super Walmarts - they are open 24/7 and can go at night when the sun is down! I cant say enough how great it is!

If you are thinking about a change in scenery, you gotta consider Arizona. Now, dont go thinking its just a bunch of desert. No-sir-y. Theres lots of beautiful landscape, and the weather is just amazing all year round. Granted, we do get our rainy season. Lasts a few months - BUT, it really only rains maybe a week the entire season :)

I suggest checking out some info on Arizona relocation and look into the packages. Phoenix area is always booming and growing. Bigger and Bigger! Oh, and did I forget to mention - we have a light rail system now!!! Awesome!

Go to the site and see their current listings.

Let me finish by saying - you cant beat living in Arizona. The weather is awesome - can do pretty much anything any time of year - hiking, biking, walking, etc. I cant imagine going back to Ohio and being Ok. I dont know how to cope with anything under 60 degrees or so! Its crazy! When it does get below 60, I am getting my hoodie ready to go. I know it sounds completely ridiculous. But its utterly true! In the months of Nov, Dec, and Jan - it is FREEZING if the sun is not up. Once dark hits - I swear you need gloves! I know.. Crazy. But thats why people only come here during summer months lol....

You cannot "relate" Arizona weather to anywhere. Im sorry. You just cant. You need to come here, and experience it for yourself.

But all joking aside... Arizona really cannot be beat... Its the best of both worlds... If you miss the snow, take a 2 or 3 hour drive up north and go to Flagstaff to see the snow...

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