Sunday, March 22, 2009

Looking for an at home job?

Well, I may have the thing for you..
Have you heard of ChaCha? If not, check out its pretty cool.. Well, they are hiring! I am going to share a little with you....

***If you feel you want to join, when they ask you who referred you, please put Thanks so much!!!!***

ChaCha is a great work at home Job - and they are currently hiring. I dont know for how long. So get in while the getting is good! Feel free to look at the discussion tab below with where and how to apply.

Chacha is a real simple job. Basically, there are 3 job titles.
1. Voice transcriber - the lower paying job really. All you do is listen to the calls that come in of people asking questions. You type out the question, pick a category for it, and send it out to someone who answers questions in that category. You dont have to pick the person - just the category. The system does the rest!

2. Expeditor (what I do) - pay is not too much higher than the voice transcriber. But is super easy. Pay can add up real fast. Basically, I get in a raw text. I fix it up to go through our system correctly, and also to make sense for the guide who will answer it. I pick a category that it goes in, and then send it away.

3. Guide. I was this at one time - its a little more difficult. You recieve the question that we just fixed for you. And you have to find the answer somewhere on the internet. Alot of questions are conversational. Which means that they are asking if you are a girl or a boy for example. Or they want to know what color your hair is. Random things like that, that you cant get off the internet. Still, the majority of questions are sports, schools, looking up phone numbers, helping kids with their math homework, etc.

Before you can start working. You need to do an application. ChaCha receives questions all day, everyday. Days where there are games playing are most busy. ChaCha has lots of training videos that you can watch. If you pay attention, its all pretty easy. They are picky about who they let through. Once you are in, you will have to set up your tax info, your payment method, and pick categories for the questions you would like to answer. We dont want someone who knows nothing about sports to receive sports questions. So that is why the categories are in place. There are several. most popular I have seen would be conversational, chacha info, sports, sex, jokes, humor, entertainment, math, horoscopes, etc.

Chacha has 2 payment methods. There is once a month direct deposit into your bank account - but in order to have that, you need to have earned $100 for them to do it. No less. And again, its only once a month. The other option, which I have, is a debit/visa card issued through 1st Internet Bank of Indiana. its a real bank. And they issue a real card. You can check it online, have your real job deposit money on it, just like a real bank account. Because essentially it is. You do not get checks, and I do not think you can order checks. Now, some people say that you can go over on the account. I dont think you can. I have never been able to - yes, i tried. Just to see. If you do not have the money, it will not work - not as debit not as credit...

Ahh! Sorry! I typed so much! Feel free to message me if you have any questions, or want to discuss any issues you have.

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