Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yup. Time for me to spot check!
You watch ads, which gets you points, and then you can play a few "games" after to earn you entries for prizes.... The points you earn go towards gift cards... You only watch 5 ads a day... Not many.. its not that hard. Its pretty fun... Some of the ads are really interesting, and funny. They are each about 30 sec or so long.. Which isnt bad..
Anyways... click the banner below.. Take a look.
BrandPort Sweeps

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Read newsletters to get a laptop?

Sure, why not?! Ive been doing it for a few days... Its not going to happen over night, but its slowly getting there.... So, I figured I would share it with you all!
Go to and sign up. Hey, a free laptop? Why not at least try it... Its not like you gotta pay anything....


Yea, you heard right... This will be his 5th child! The baby mama is his girlfriend/manager Alicia Etheredge. They have known each other for 10 years....

Does he even have enough money to support another child?? Doubt it!

Good luck to him!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Ok... Now being a mom, I know its hard to get back into pre-baby shape... But Rebecca Romjin just makes it that much harder for us "regular" people!

Look at her! Shes killing it! Its only been a little over a month since she had TWINS.....

Maybe at the hospital she got an extra tuck before going home? Nah, doubt it...

I admit it, I am jealous lol...

Found a new site to play games and earn some money....

Wont make you rich, but it is pretty cool.... You just play games, and it earns you clinks, and those clinks at the end of the month earns money for you..... So far I am having fun... I like playing games, and these are fun games...

Get Paid To Have Fun At !


Yea, you read that right!
Its all over the news... But go to my link here - and you can read more of the story, as well as see the video! **NOT FOR KIDS** The video shows exactly what was seen on TV.

God, I wish I hadn't moved from Tucson! I knew that city was good for something! LOL jk!


The Cardinals lost....

Ugh... So close! We were winning! It was the last min, then we fumble..... Ugh..

But - lets not sit on the fact that they lost... We Cardinal fans are still so proud of them! They had a helluva year! They made it to the Superbowl! They only lost by four points! Thats not bad! We did good. Theres always next year.

What did everyone else do for the game? We stayed home and watched it. It was Ok, my four year old watched it a little too... Which was cute! He cheered the team, and said, "Oh no, we loose." It was the cutest thing ever.

Tell me, who were you rooting for, and did you like the game overall?

I (obviously) was going for the Cards... And the game was a good game, even though we lost....

Till next time...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday!

Ok - so today: The Cards vs. The Steelers... Since I am in Arizona, of course I gotta say the Cards will win it! They got to! How can they not! They have come such a long way. They deserve it. We need it!

This game will restore hope in all the hearts of Arizonians. It will let us be PROUD of our home team. We will no longer be a nobody lol.

As the radio station here put it - Hell has frozen over!

Soo, Im going to get off here, the game should be coming on in about 45min. And I want to get ready to see it. Husband is excited! Son is sleeping lol..

Talk after the game!


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