Thursday, January 22, 2009

Got my new place!

Yesss!!!! We put our application in for the place we were looking at, and we got accepted. We are looking to move in around the 1st of Feb. I am excited. I am happy! We need to have our privacy again. Eric (my son) is getting his own room again, yay! We are so happy.

Driving past it, you think its an apartment. Its actually a condo! Its really nice! There is a screen door (which in Arizona, is a rarity), and it locks. So during the day when its nice, we can have the door open and relax. Its nice! The living room is pretty big. I can probably fit my desk out there. But will keep it in the room just because. The kitchen is amazing. Its bigger than it looks like it would be. The fridge - super nice! The kitchen has lots of cupboard and cabinet space. There is a place for a small table in the dining room. So we gotta use our small table, not our big one. We may keep our big one in the shed out back so that if we have people over, we can pull it out and use it if needed.

The back patio is nice. Its mostly cement, but over to the right its gravel - and there is a shed. Not a little storage closet that most places out here have, but an actual Shed. Its nice! I can store lots of stuff in there... The patio faces the south, so perfect for us to get Dish again. Can't wait.

The bedrooms are nice. They are a great size. And I like them b/c the windows aren't normal height wise. They are up, literally at shoulder level. So I can leave the windows open when I sleep, or when I change. And not worry about whos looking in at me. Its nice.

There are 3 closets in the hallway - a linen closet. A cleaning closet, and a coat closet. The cleaning closet has hooks to hang brooms and what not on. Which is cool.

The bathroom is nice. yes, there is only one bathroom. But its ok. Its a decent size, no need for a shower curtain - its got the glass door.. I love it. I really love it. I cant wait to move in there.

So, we may miss superbowl, even tho its the Cardinals - and we are in AZ. But, its a good sacrafise. We are getting our privacy back. We are going to try to swing it to move in the 30/31 so that way we can hopefully have the dish setup before hand...

So yea, thats that.
I just wanted to share with you my new place.
Its really great. i cant wait to have people over. It will be nice..

Until next time.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new day.....

OMG! I woke up to watch the most amazing thing on TV. I witnessed one of the biggest pieces of history today. Barack Obama was sworn in as President of The United States of America. I am excited! I am thrilled! I have hope in this country once again. His speech was so powerful, I had tears! It was hopeful. It was, amazing. I can't say enough about it. If you didnt get a chance to watch, here is full transcript of his speech.

I just feel so happy to be an American. Its just.... Wow. Amazing. Its crazy. Its.... Hard to describe in words. I feel that Obama will do everything he said he will do.

Can you believe we have such a hot President? Hes pretty damn good looking for a 40 something year old guy.. Not bad, America. Not bad at all!

I am going to get off here. Wanna go look around to see what I can find to write about...

Until later.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My new obsession

Lady Gaga! Have you heard of her? OMG
I cant figure out how to post a song on here, but go to and search Lady Gaga, Sogns to keep in mind are: Poker Face, Love Game, and Just Dance

She is amazing! I think she said it best "Retro-Sexual". So sweet!
Her music is amazing, and her voice is great! I cant say there is anyone like her right now. You will learn fast, her music may not be for the young... But is great if you like to party and have a good time....
I will post more later on... Its late..
Time to settle down for bed..

Later babes!


Friday, January 16, 2009


jennifertyree is my name on Twitter. Follow me!

I look forward to see what you all are doing!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Good bye 2008, and hello 2009!
I hope that everyone was safe this New Years holiday. I know that I drank a little… My son stayed up with us to watch the ball drop. He counted down, and had fun with it! We gave him lots of kisses! Aww, his first new years kiss! SO cute!
So did you watch any of the New Years Eve shows? Lets see, there was Dick Clarks with Ryan Seacrest. There was Carson Daly and one from Vegas. The one in Vegas had Robbie Knevil (the son of the original) jumping the Volcano at the Mirage… Eh, it was ok.. I have seen better…. LOL….
Anyways… back to bed for me… Not feeling so good today.. A GREAT way to start out the new year lol.. And no, its not a hangover lol..
Until next time….


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