Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Summer's Here, What Are You Grilling?

Now that school is out here in Arizona (and soon across the country), it's pretty much considered summertime. Granted, summer officially doesn't start until June 20, here in the phoenix area it's already been in the 100s! We're lucky we live in the desert, we can grill pretty much year round. So while some of you are just bringing out your grill for Memorial Day weekend, we here in Arizona have had a great head start. So what are you grilling this summer?

Friday, April 28, 2017

Planning big pieces for your household

When it comes to interior design, it is sometimes hard to decide where you want to start from. It seems as if every little thing may have an effect on your décor and as such, requires special attention. 

No matter what you decide, it is always better to focus on bigger pieces. After that, it is easy to build around them adding smaller trinkets and memorabilia. 

This is precisely why we wrote this article. Instead of losing time on things that do not actually matter, it is much easier to plan ahead, decide on general theme, get bigger furniture such as sectional and build from there.

Here are some bigger pieces you need to focus on when planning your interior.

1. Sectional

Sectional is always the best place to start from. 

Necessary for every home, they represent the heart of the living room. Throughout the decades, families would gather around it, watch TV or do something as equally interesting. 

Truth be told, over the years it has lost its value but still, in terms of décor, it remains the most important part of the house.

You need to adapt your sectional according to your plans and how many people you like to have in your home. It is always better to get a bigger piece (for 6 people) but smaller sectional can also work. Generally speaking, the color of this item will impact all the other colors in the room so choose wisely!

2. Cupboard

It is normal for a living room to have a cupboard. In fact, they allow living rooms to become warmer, more social mostly due to the fact that homeowners tend to place their trinkets and memorabilia inside or around it.

As such, it is definitely something that can warm up the room. Have in mind that cupboard are more common for classic, old-fashioned rooms. They are not the best fit for modern homes but if you still decide to get one, make sure to get something that will complement rest of the interior.

3. Mirrors

The biggest issue with pictures is that they usually feel very cheap. This doesn’t come as a surprise as in most cases, people do not have expensive pieces of art in their living room. Instead, they opt for something cheaper running their interior in the process.

If you cannot afford famous painter on your walls, it is much better to improvise and go for a mirror.

Mirrors are very elegant and are excellent fit for modern homes. You can even use something such as Hollywood mirror (visit and make sure to check their collection of mirrors with lights) if you decide so. Have in mind that in this case, their functional value is mostly disregarded. This means that you can put mirrors high on the wall or attach them to your ceiling. Whatever you see fit.

4. Tech items

We are very spoiled when it comes to technology. We are constantly looking for better, more advanced systems whether we are talking about TVs, PCs or audio.

Although this isn’t something I recommend lightly, investing into big audio system or big screen TV can go a long way. Here, it is more about functionality. As modern generations prefer not to decorate their living rooms with too many trinkets, this leaves a lot of empty space; space where you can put bigger items.

So, next time if you wish to make your living room even more impressive, consider getting a bigger TV or stereo.


It always comes down to several big pieces. In fact, decoration of the living room continues for years and years and we constantly have something to add. By getting the main items, you are making sure you have the necessary basis upon which you can build the rest.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy Heart: Omega 3 Recipes You Will Love

When people say they love food it always sounds a little funny.  Who doesn’t love food?! Granted some may have more refined tastes than others but even eating a mountain of chocolate is still enjoying food right?

Coping With An Ill Child

Kids get ill for all kinds of reasons. Some are far more serious than others, and there are certain things that will suffer if you need to take care of your kid in increasingly larger amounts of time. Luckily, there are ways you can manage this and help the child. Part of it depends on your circumstances, and other parts depend on how ill your child is. There is not clear advice as to what you need to do, only you can decide that. But there are ways you can cope yourself with an ill child. You need to ensure your life goes as you want it to too. Of course, you need to do what is right for the child, but you can quickly find yourself depressed if you do not manage the whole issue with planning and prioritization. Here are some hints and tips you can use to make the situation a little better. You may already do some of them, but you could get some top ideas for you to take into life from others.

Find Out What’s Responsible

You need to find out what is responsible for causing your child to be ill, then you can mitigate it in the future and/or hold whatever did it to account. There are huge amounts of child products that are causing children harm in this day and age. The harm can be fleeting, like a physical injury, but it can also be lasting and life threatening. An example can be seen in the high amount of teething tablet lawsuits that have increased over the last few years. If there is something wrong with your child go to your utmost to realize and understand what it is that has caused it. Only then can you stop it. If there is serious problems take the provider to court so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else and so you can use the money to help in the care for your child going forward. Another key is prevention. There’s one thing suing people for hurting your child, but if you researched the potential risk then you may never have bought it. Check up on everything you buy for your children, make sure they are perfectly safe before using them. Prevention is the best thing you can do.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Homemade Beauty Gift

It's always a good idea to have some quick and easy beauty gifts on hand for birthday or little pick me up for your friend and family. But if you want something that is just that little bit more special then why not try creating your own beauty products to give away as gifts? It's actually a lot more simple that you would think, and it's the perfect present for the health conscious and holistic person in your life. Just read on to find out how to do it.

Help Your Child Succeed With These Top Tips

You can’t do everything. They have to be able to do some of it for themselves. But when you have kids you just want to do everything possible to help them succeed in life. There are certain things you can do for them and push them towards to help them in later life. You may already do a bunch of them without even realizing, but there are always some. There are always more things you can do for your children. Here are some top tips that can give you some more ideas, things you can do to help your children succeed and strive for further success. You must do them in equal measure, don’t overpower your children. They are in no particular order so you can pick and choose them as you like. Remember, children are all different. Some cope well with extra things to do, others less so. So tailor what you do to each of your children’s needs.

Prepare Them For University

If you send them off to university unprepared it can be a harrowing experience. There are many things you need to prepare them for. Of course, they need to actually get into university first. You can help them with this by considering higher education consultants at IvySelect. You can also give them what they need to succeed at university. They can do with some cooking equipment, books for study and of course a laptop. If you give them what they need they are far more likely to do well because they will have less to worry about.

Don't Tear Your Hair Out, Mom's!

There are a lot of things that doctors don’t tell you about pregnancy. Even the women’s magazines on the supermarket shelves depict happy, smiley women who cradle their bumps with gentleness and poise. Well, it’s not all a picnic. Pregnancy is the most beautiful, natural thing in the world. Except that the hormones ricocheting around your body will make you sick, tired and generally feeling so run down it won’t feel so beautiful! That pregnancy glow? Sweat. It’s sweat from the vomiting and hauling extra weight around in the sunshine. In motherhood, you’re dealing with sleepless nights, tantrums, lack of time: all stressful situations that feel never ending!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

3 Items No Kitchen Can Do Without

Everyone loves their kitchen, and for a good reason: knowing your way around the kitchen is likely to be one of the best skills going. Of course, it is often true that it takes a long time to get used to any kitchen, but that’s just part of the whole process. If you are curious as to how t improve your kitchen, however, one of the best things you can do is to take stock of what kind of equipment and tools you have and see what you might be lacking. A kitchen needs a good supply of different tools and gadgets, and the true kitchen proud chef knows this. To that end, let’s have a look at a few of the ideal kitchen items which you just can’t do without.


You Should Never, Ever Do These Things To Your Newborn

If you’ve got a newborn baby, or you’re waiting on the arrival of your little one, then doing as much research as possible is going to help you to prepare. To give you peace of mind, here are some of the things you should never, ever do to your newborn.

Make Them Sleep Alone
Your baby should naturally sleep by you at night time. Either in your bed (safely of course) or by your bed in a crib. This makes them healthier and they have less chance of dying from infant death syndrome.

Avoid The Present Panic When Shopping For Your Teenage Son

Buying the perfect birthday gift for kids is never easy. Their tastes change so fast they’ve already moved on by the time you buy something. You would think the challenge would get easier as they grew and their tastes settled. You’d be wrong. No one is harder to buy gifts for than a teenager. If you have a teenage boy, you might be totally lost for ideas. At least with a girl, you can opt for fashion and makeup. Boys don’t even have that! You could get him something new for that games console, but how can you be sure what’s good? The best way to stop present panic is to get a few ideas!


We’re not saying you should snoop in your son’s room, but have a quick look at his CD collection when he’s not home. If there’s more than one CD for the same band, chances are they’re his favorites. Why not buy him tickets to see a concert? Bear in mind that you’ll need purchase a ticket for his friend to go, too. He’s not going to want you cramping his style! Of course, if the band are no longer together, or have passed, you’ll need to pick another. Think back to any bands he may have mentioned. Take note of any posters he might have on his walls. There are clues all around you!


A man’s first wallet is a crucial moment. It’s a step towards independence, and can make a guy feel great! Even if your son’s had cheap wallets before, buy him an expensive one for his birthday. This is something he can cherish and will have for a long time to come. Well, assuming it doesn’t get lost or ruined (he is a teenager, after all). You could opt for a traditional leather wallet, or get something a bit different, like a crocodile wallet. Think about your son’s personality when considering. If he likes to stand out from the crowd, something different will work well. If he likes to keep to himself, traditional is better.


Connecting with teenagers can be hard. Why not give your son a book that that meant a lot to you when you were his age? Again, it’s important to take his personality into account, here. Don’t buy a book you know he’ll never enjoy! Think about his tastes, and see if there’s a book that suits them. This will give you something to talk about, and could come to mean a lot to him!


If all else fails, you could always opt for a day out with his friends. If you’re stuck for ideas, look out for the chance to ask his friends what he would enjoy. Paintballing, go karting, and theme parks always seem to go down well! If you want to keep things cheap, opt for an activity day with a set price. Otherwise, this could end up as a pricey present!

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